Why you should bet on your favorite team?

We often hear that punters would not bet on teams, which are somehow emotionally attached. If you on the results of the team depends, can not be objective, and if you are not objective, makes a wrong decision – or at least this is usually justified this claim. On the one hand, it is true, but on the other hand is betting on your favorite team and various benefits. That is why today we look at the comparison of the advantages and disadvantages betting favorite team:

Do you know the team really well

The more you know about playing teams, the greater the chances are that your tip will be successful. If you intend to bet on the team that you support, you probably know more about it than the vast majority of bettors. If his knowledge let blind – and make sufficient inquiries about the other team – you get a big lead.

It is likely that perform quality analysis

It is easier to perform in-depth analysis of the match, which ranks your favorite team. If your problem is lack of motivation, betting on your favorite teams can be a good solution.

You’ll have a great overview of injuries and assembly

The closer you will get to that team, the better you will get an overview of the health of the players, their current form, the situation at the club and so forth. With this information you can easily find a value that remains hidden to other punters.

You well know coach

You will have excellent knowledge of the coach of the team – its strengths, weaknesses and tendencies. If you can “analyze” the coach of the other team (which goes well, for example in the NHL, with teams playing several times a year), you get an overview of what they are capable of individual trainers. This is a huge advantage.

Betting against your team will be tough, but if after a good pre-game analysis will find that correct procedure is to bet on the opponent’s nothing we can do about it. Although against “their” team hate to bet, however emotionally bind to your favorite team is stupid. Expensive stupidity.


At the least, are the disadvantages. Asi (correctly) assume that the disadvantages are associated mainly with emotional possibl influence punter.

Only you yourself know to what extent you are subject to emotions

Some people just are not able to control your emotions and bet according to the principle of reason. Good punters will not have a problem with making money by betting against your team. While you will be losing your favorite team sorry, there’s nothing you can do about it. Your team loses, whether you bet against him or not.

It is not easy to rejoice when your team gets a goal

Some people enjoy watching games on TV. They often get together with friends, bring beer, some good food and cheer. But if you bet against your favorite team – and you will be hoping to lose – this activity they will not be nearly as fun.

If we are not careful, you make poor decisions regarding bankroll
If you are not objective, it may happen that on your team you bet too big amount. You will in fact think that the advantage of the team is bigger than it actually is. Or, conversely, you can bet too little, because you think that your favorite team does not have a big advantage. If you are not objective, your bankroll will suffer. Ideally, you should keep the same size bets.

Well you know only one team
An advantage we mentioned that your favorite team well know. However, this statement stands on the premise that you get to work thoroughly and rehearse the second team. If you do not, you’ll have a big problem. You will have much less information, so your chances of success drop considerably.

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